The Independent Consultant’s Guide to Business Insurance

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Insurance Mythbusters: Public and Products Liability (It’s not what’s written on the can!)

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The Engagement Breakdown Prevention Kit

  When client and consultant are in perfect harmony, the result is almost always an overwhelming success. Engagement profitability is usually higher, and costs are generally lower. Work is delivered quickly, with little to no trouble at all.  Another reference … Read More

Picture This…. A Management Consultant Advises Star Wars’ Galactic Empire

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Start of Year Opportunity to Risk Health Check Your Business

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Top 3 Innovation Articles for 2015

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Insurance for IT Contractors: What You Need To Know

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4 Moments Game of Thrones Characters Wished They Had Insurance

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Top 5 Professional Indemnity Claims to Watch Out For

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Are Australian Insurers lagging behind the Innovation Race?

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