Client Stories

Here’s what some of our valued clients have to say about Sherpa Insurance.

“What separates Sherpa Insurance from every other provider in the market is the customer service wrapper and the warmth they displayed when engaging with its customer. I immediately felt that if I was ever in trouble, Sherpa will be standing in my corner helping me fight the good fight”.
Adrienne Tan
Co-Founder / Brainmates
“After 7 years it was time to make a full review of the company’s insurance cover. Sherpa Insurance made the exercise worthwhile – better more precise cover at a significantly reduced cost. If you are in the IT Consulting space, I highly recommend a look at Sherpa.”
Clive Roberts
Managing Director / ProQuest IT
“Sherpa Insurance questions were poignant and specific to my insurance needs. This helped me get the right insurance at a lower cost. “
Robert Farrell
Executive Director / Real Estate Services
“Relatively easy. Minimal effort.”
Chuong Mai-Viet
Managing Director-Australia / bluesource
“Andrew was a pleasure to deal with, proactive in understanding needs and finding solutions at a reasonable price.”
George Argy
Management Consultant / George Argy Consulting
“Andrew first contacted me when we were having trouble getting results from our previous insurer. He was knowledgeable, responsive and patient through the whole transition process. Sherpa understands that our business is evolving quickly and so our insurance needs to evolve quickly with us. I highly recommend Sherpa.”
Kerri-Anne Lynn
Operations Manager / Chandler Services
“Very helpful”
Dr. Brindha Gunasingham
CFA, Managing Director / FitzBiz Consulting Pty. Ltd.
Rodney Wallace
Independent Consultant
“Insuring with Sherpa was a great move for our business...the process was hassle free and the bonus of helping out with one of their charities made it even better…They do all the heavy lifting for you!”
Ashley Russell
Publisher / GTi Media
“Helpful, efficient, knowledgeable and price competitive.”
Linda Balmer
Manager / Richard Lloyd Recruitment
“I was most impressed with my annual policy savings, which came at a critical time of change in my life. My $400 savings went towards visiting my family overseas.”
John Scarratt
Management Consultant
“They get what we do at The Pitt Crew, so the distinctions on areas such as M&A deal making vs. contributing assessment, means the we paid a lower premium.”
Andy Zaple
Director / The Pitt Crew Pty Limited
“Very responsive and reliable. Very personable service. Easy to deal with. Makes you feel like you have a friend in the business. I have found Sherpa Insurance to be very responsive to my needs and to find the best solution to my insurance requirements.”
Victoria Elliot
Negotiation Ventures Pty. Ltd.
“Experience was great! Questions were answered promptly and in helpful manner. The Premiums we were looking for were matched by Sherpa Insurance.”
Laura Yang
Financial Controller / The Recruitment Company
“Why was I so impressed (make that amazed) at the Sherpa experience? Let me explain. Their web pages are so well designed, great to move around. The key word here is intuitive and Sherpa’s website is super intuitive. Sherpa is quick and easy-to-use … it’s a matter a just a few “clicks” online.. In just a matter of a few quick minutes, I had the quote, liked it …. then, I not only paid for my insurance but I had all the paperwork in my inbox as well. That included my certificate of currency! Wow! All the information is there on their website. It is easy to find, it’s written in everyday language so it’s easy to understand. All you need is there at your fingertips. Sherpa provides excellent support. If, like me, you have an odd question, they are all over it and you get the answer explained to you in nice simple terms. They treat you like an intelligent person and don’t load their answers with insurance jargon. To summarise, it was a wonderful online shopping experience and absolutely I am looking forward to being part of the Sherpa community. Go Sherpa! and thank you!!”
John Elsworth
Director / KNR Simzak P/L
"I started doing some consulting through Expert360, and realised I needed to set myself up with Professional Indemnity insurance. I didn’t know much about this or how it worked, but the guys at Sherpa Insurance were super helpful and friendly to answer my questions. Their online process was also easy and quick."
Philippa Sholl
“Our consulting and construction business supports hi tech research and technology customers who have varied, unusual and demanding risk profiles. In our business we take risk management very seriously and we can’t operate without a range of different insurance products. We need good support to structure our insurance to mitigate the potential impacts on our operations and to give our customers the confidence to work with us. As a medium sized business we have struggled to get good service from our insurance brokers. We recently changed to Sherpa Insurance and the support we have received from Andy and his team has been a breath of fresh air. It has allowed us to get contracts over the line quickly and professionally. Good advice from Sherpa Insurance saves us time and money and most of all gives us the confidence to do what we need to do to support our customers.”
Peter Horn
Owner/ AB Mandal Pty Ltd
“Sherpa Insurance was able to assist with our D&O Insurance needs in a short period of time which is a testament of the quality of their team, their experience and their connections in the industry worldwide. At Malabar we look forward to continue building our relationship with Sherpa Insurance knowing that they are more than a just broker, they are an advisor that proactively seeks to fulfil all of our insurance requirements”
Andres Bernal
Finance manager / Malabar Coal Limited
"Brainmates has been a client of Sherpa Insurance since its inception. We've found that Andrew delivers us exceptional service in a personal manner. His advice is tailored to our needs and he ensures the whole process of insurance renewals is simple and efficient. I recommend Sherpa Insurance without hesitation."
Jen Marshall

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