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Australian Himalayan Foundation

Following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary, the Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF) works to help the people of the Himalaya through improvements in health, education and conservation and for over ten years has been working in partnership with local communities to help the people of the Himalaya in a long term, sustainable way.

AHF’s projects include its flagship Teacher Training and Quality Education program which improves the education of 42,000 children in Solu Khumbu region of Nepal; a girl’s school scholarship program which supports the education of over 200 girls in some of the remotest regions of Bhutan; a cervical cancer screening program in Nepal and a partnership with the Snow Leopard Conservancy in the Indian Himalaya and Nepal to protect the endangered snow leopard.

The AHF is a registered Australian NGO with no political or religious affiliations. They are members of the Australian Council for International Development and have accreditation status with the Australian Government Overseas Aid Program (DFAT).

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Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

By almost all socioeconomic indicators, Australia’s Indigenous young people are the most disadvantaged group in the county. The majority of Indigenous children in regional and remote areas struggle to read and write, and fall well below the national literacy benchmarks.

The educational outcomes of Indigenous children are closely related to their opportunities for further education and employment.

Early intervention and support in literacy and numeracy skills is vital to keep Indigenous children engaged in education.

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation is not-for profit and provides literacy programs and opportunities for Indigenous young people through education and community based initiatives such as the Books for Learning Program, Literacy & Heritage Camps, Literacy Resource Packs and Support Services, Literacy Tutoring and Testing, Research, and Evaluation.

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Pet Rescue

Approximately 40% of dogs and 80% of cats entering Australia’s pounds are euthanatised because homes cannot be found for them.

PetRescue’s mission is to find new homes for homeless pets. With a strong digital and social media presence, PetRescue has facilitated the adoption of over 150,000 pets since humble beginnings in 2004.   The target for pets adopted in the 2017 year is 200,000. The majority of adoptions being dogs and cats.

The PetRescue service is provided free of charge to the public thanks to the support of donors, partners and sponsors.  In addition, PetRescue runs a campaign to break down misconceptions surrounding adoption and promoting the adoption alternative.

PetRescue is an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation.

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