The Independent Consultant’s Guide to Business Insurance

  Business insurance is often one of the least exciting things to talk about. The problem for some independent consultants who are just about to start business is that when a potential consulting client demands that they carry $10 million … Read More

Do You Speak “Insurance”? Unlocking the Mystery of Insurance Terms and Language

Reading insurance documents can sometimes feel like decoding a cryptic message.  In our recent survey, 71% of management consultants and project professionals get lost in insurance jargon when speaking to an insurer.  This can be frustrating and difficult on the … Read More

Retroactive Cover: A Critical Area to Understand with Professional Indemnity Insurance

  One of the really important things to understand with professional indemnity insurance (PI) is retroactive cover. (Just as a quick reminder – professional indemnity insurance protects you and your business against claims for alleged negligence or breach of duty … Read More