You Should be Concerned – Data Breaches Legislation in force from February 2018

      Fast facts   The link to the regulator (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) is worth a visit:   Summary At the end of the day, insurance will not stop a data breach, but it will … Read More

Are Australian Insurers lagging behind the Innovation Race?

  As we know, the future looks bright for businesses that constantly innovate.  But for the insurance sector, innovation is becoming an imperative. Customers, employees and investors are demanding something new, something revolutionary.  Sadly though, Australian insurance companies are often … Read More

The Rise and Risks of the Supertemp

In our previous blog, we talked about how the on-demand economy is changing the risk conditions for independent consultants and organisations that hire them.   Likewise, the number of independent workers is expected to rise in years to come.  In the … Read More

Changing Risk Conditions for Management Consultants and Project Professionals

  The on-demand economy has created a surge in a new type of on-demand worker and a steady decline in the traditional 9am to 5pm salary worker. The evidence is everywhere and many companies are riding the tide. and … Read More

New PI & PL Insurance is Sleek, Sexy and Sociable

  Traditional insurance can be a little old-fashioned. You probably have this image of piles of documents with loads of questions and frequent meetings with insurance brokers in dreary suits.   It can be really tedious to fill out 10 pages … Read More

“It could never happen to me” – Project People not aware of the risk of a client claim

One of the important findings during the Sherpa Insurance focus interviews1 with independent Project People on the question of being sued by their client was: “it could never happen to me”.   In fact all respondees believed there was little … Read More

Why pay for the risks of others? Higher risk occupations grouped in with Project People for Professional Indemnity and other insurances.

Insurers provide insurance cover including professional indemnity, for hundreds of different occupations. We inherently know that the risks of each occupation are different – a florist working in a flower shop carries different risk profile to a gynecologist working in … Read More

“It won’t happen to me” – Project people not aware of the risk of a client claim.

One of the important findings during the Sherpa Insurance focus interviews* on the question of being sued by their client was the “it won’t happen to me”. In fact 100% of Project People respondees stated that they believed would never … Read More