Read this before you get in the water – Perceived and Actual Risk

Our fear of sharks is part psychology, part Hollywood I am an ocean swimmer and 3-4 times each week swimming somewhere off Sydney beaches. My wife and kids often say to me “you’re going to be bitten by a shark!”. … Read More

You Should be Concerned – Data Breaches Legislation in force from February 2018

      Fast facts   The link to the regulator (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) is worth a visit:   Summary At the end of the day, insurance will not stop a data breach, but it will … Read More

D&O costs going through the roof – what is going on?

D&O premiums are increasing between 200-300%.          What is going on?   In Australia class actions are all the rage.  Despite being 13 times smaller in population, the raw number of class actions in Australia is second … Read More

We’re all at risk – Cyber crime in our own backyard

    Just this week, one of our Sherpa Insurance customers lost A$70k in a cyber crime.   This is not just any cyber crime.   The cyber criminals did not steal the money.   The company voluntarily gave away … Read More

Astrology For Business Insurances

As we approach the end of the year, we thank you all for taking time to read our blogs and even on occasion to provide feedback! This is appreciated.   We hope that you have gained some useful hints about … Read More

Cyber Crime: 5 Fast Facts Every Business Should Know

  From our earlier blog on this topic, we believe that unlike the United States, Australian business is woefully under insured with cyber liability.   It almost goes without saying that most businesses hold sensitive information (customer, suppliers or employees) … Read More

Cyber crime – “Don’t worry, it won’t happen to me!”

  In any given week I will speak with at least 20 customers. Our customers tend to be small and medium businesses together with a smattering of larger and public companies. So when I bring up the topic of cyber … Read More

What reputation!

  Reputation risk has been ranked as the number one insurance in the past 13 years, according to a recent survey by AON, the insurance brokers. This is not set to change. Volkswagen is a recent reminder of the dramatic … Read More

Risk Management Explained

Political Risk: The 5 Have-To-Knows

  So what is this political risk insurance? Is it protection for Kevin, Julia or Tony making it back in office?   Not exactly.   And what are the key Political Risk Insurance “have-to-knows”?   Political Risk Insurance or ” … Read More