D&O costs going through the roof – what is going on?

D&O premiums are increasing between 200-300%.          What is going on?   In Australia class actions are all the rage.  Despite being 13 times smaller in population, the raw number of class actions in Australia is second … Read More

Astrology For Business Insurances

As we approach the end of the year, we thank you all for taking time to read our blogs and even on occasion to provide feedback! This is appreciated.   We hope that you have gained some useful hints about … Read More

What reputation!

  Reputation risk has been ranked as the number one insurance in the past 13 years, according to a recent survey by AON, the insurance brokers. This is not set to change. Volkswagen is a recent reminder of the dramatic … Read More

Risk Management Explained

Political Risk: The 5 Have-To-Knows

  So what is this political risk insurance? Is it protection for Kevin, Julia or Tony making it back in office?   Not exactly.   And what are the key Political Risk Insurance “have-to-knows”?   Political Risk Insurance or ” … Read More

The Independent Consultant’s Guide to Business Insurance

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4 Moments Game of Thrones Characters Wished They Had Insurance

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Top 5 Professional Indemnity Claims to Watch Out For

For many businesses, professional indemnity insurance claims has always been a complex area. While most people seem to agree that having professional indemnity (PI) insurance is a requirement in doing business, many are still in the dark when it comes … Read More

Why can’t insurers offer PI insurance for the length of my contract?

  Based on our research, for consultants and project professionals in Australia, having professional indemnity in place is often driven by their clients*. So why can’t insurers offer cover for the length of your contract only? Can’t I have a … Read More

Do You Speak “Insurance”? Unlocking the Mystery of Insurance Terms and Language

Reading insurance documents can sometimes feel like decoding a cryptic message.  In our recent survey, 71% of management consultants and project professionals get lost in insurance jargon when speaking to an insurer.  This can be frustrating and difficult on the … Read More