You Should be Concerned – Data Breaches Legislation in force from February 2018

      Fast facts   The link to the regulator (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) is worth a visit:   Summary At the end of the day, insurance will not stop a data breach, but it will … Read More

We’re all at risk – Cyber crime in our own backyard

    Just this week, one of our Sherpa Insurance customers lost A$70k in a cyber crime.   This is not just any cyber crime.   The cyber criminals did not steal the money.   The company voluntarily gave away … Read More

Cyber Crime: 5 Fast Facts Every Business Should Know

  From our earlier blog on this topic, we believe that unlike the United States, Australian business is woefully under insured with cyber liability.   It almost goes without saying that most businesses hold sensitive information (customer, suppliers or employees) … Read More

Cyber crime – “Don’t worry, it won’t happen to me!”

  In any given week I will speak with at least 20 customers. Our customers tend to be small and medium businesses together with a smattering of larger and public companies. So when I bring up the topic of cyber … Read More

Top 3 Innovation Articles for 2015

  Innovation and digital disruption are not just another big-bang theory. It is, in fact, already happening now. And for many growing companies, innovation and digital disruption are both a customer challenge and an opportunity to set your organisation up … Read More

Don’t Miss Out on these 5 Perks of Online Insurance

  Being “always on” is one of the realities in a modern work environment. This is especially true for many independent project professionals and management consultants. Walking into new clients with new cultures in the norm.  Once you start the … Read More

Make it cost effective, easy and fast…why Digital is the only way for PI Insurance

  As you may have seen in earlier blogs, Sherpa Insurance conducted focus interviews during late 2014 and early 2015. The interviewees were management consultants, project managers, change managers, test managers and business analysts. What they all had in common … Read More