As we approach the end of the year, we thank you all for taking time to read our blogs and even on occasion to provide feedback! This is appreciated.


We hope that you have gained some useful hints about insurances. Please let us know should you wish to discuss any of our blogs.


As this is our last blog for the year, we thought that we have some extra fun with our blog. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have preparing this blog!


To you and your families, a wonderful 2017 and travel safely these holidays.


Andrew Bremner and the Sherpa Insurance Team





Aries  – Political Risk
Adventurers, entrepreneurs, make things happen, take risks

Taurus – Office Pack
Love their beautiful home and environment, organised, down-to-earth people

Gemini – Public Liability
Communicators, social butterflies, may be prone to accidents

Cancer – Corporate Travel and Vehicle Insurance
Home bodies, emotionally driven, the moody sign
(According to Astrostar astrology facts, Cancerians are one of the
worst drivers of the zodiac! Sorry Cancerians!)

Leo – Directors and Officers; Management Liability
For the Captains of Industry; the leaders

Virgo  – Personal Accident and Sickness Liability
Health conscious, careful approach to life, methodical

Libra – Statutory Liability
Likes balance, refinement, weighs up options before deciding
The Libran scales – protection against legal fees

Scorpio – Environmental Insurance
Intuitive, sensitive to the environment

Sagittarius – Professional Indemnity
Educators, learners, love experiences,
advises and develops others

Capricorn – Key Person
The mountain goat always gets to the top of the mountain
They are excellent in supporting the Leo leaders

Aquarius – Cyber
Everybody is my friend, connects with everybody but few are really close friends

Pisces – Employment Practice Liability

The symbol is the two fish, always working together with and through others
Elusive, thinking and feeling people, compassionate
(Subcontractors, onhire staff, consultants)

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