You Should be Concerned – Data Breaches Legislation in force from February 2018

      Fast facts   The link to the regulator (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) is worth a visit:   Summary At the end of the day, insurance will not stop a data breach, but it will … Read More

D&O costs going through the roof – what is going on?

D&O premiums are increasing between 200-300%.          What is going on?   In Australia class actions are all the rage.  Despite being 13 times smaller in population, the raw number of class actions in Australia is second … Read More

The Engagement Breakdown Prevention Kit

  When client and consultant are in perfect harmony, the result is almost always an overwhelming success. Engagement profitability is usually higher, and costs are generally lower. Work is delivered quickly, with little to no trouble at all.  Another reference … Read More

Just Confirming, There Is No Fun in Buying Professional Indemnity Insurance

How much fun is it to buy professional indemnity (PI) insurance?  Sherpa Insurance asked 25 project professionals and management consultants about their buying experiences.   And their answer?   “Buying PI insurance is NO FUN!”   We cannot blame them.  … Read More

Best 11 Customer Service Quotes

Creating excellent customer service is the ultimate goal.  The challenge gets greater, however, when you provide service through a digital channel where creating a level of intimacy is critical.   At Sherpa Insurance, which is an online business, we grapple with … Read More