Supertemp – Is the Power Currently with the Buyer?

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The Rise and Risks of the Supertemp

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Changing Risk Conditions for Management Consultants and Project Professionals

  The on-demand economy has created a surge in a new type of on-demand worker and a steady decline in the traditional 9am to 5pm salary worker. The evidence is everywhere and many companies are riding the tide. and … Read More

Why can’t insurers offer PI insurance for the length of my contract?

  Based on our research, for consultants and project professionals in Australia, having professional indemnity in place is often driven by their clients*. So why can’t insurers offer cover for the length of your contract only? Can’t I have a … Read More

Do You Speak “Insurance”? Unlocking the Mystery of Insurance Terms and Language

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Just Confirming, There Is No Fun in Buying Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Retroactive Cover: A Critical Area to Understand with Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Something to Watch Out for Before Heading Off to Tuscany: Run-Off Insurance Explained

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Aboriginal Literacy Foundation (a Sherpa Charity Partner) introduces New Digital Literacy Hub

By almost all socioeconomic indicators, Australia’s Indigenous young people are the most disadvantaged group in the county. The majority of Indigenous children in regional and remote areas struggle to read and write, and fall well below the national literacy benchmarks.  … Read More

How Much Insurance Cover Do I Need? A Guide on Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Client Requirements in Australia

Based on the Sherpa Insurance 25 focus interviews of Project Professional and Management Consultants, no one believes they will ever be sued.  However this is not quite the case and Project Professionals and Management Consultants need to be careful in … Read More