Innovation and digital disruption are not just another big-bang theory. It is, in fact, already happening now. And for many growing companies, innovation and digital disruption are both a customer challenge and an opportunity to set your organisation up for success.

For us at Sherpa Insurance, given that we’re (slowly) disrupting the way people buy indemnity insurance, we’re always on the look out for new and innovative ideas. So we found these 3 articles about innovation and we thought of sharing them.


Driving Growth with Business Model Innovation

With the increasing diversity of customer segments and marketplace volatility, business models are ageing faster than ever before. Despite this, only 27% of the most successful innovation companies said their organisations were actively evolving their business model. This BCG article has key take away points for your business to understand why and how to innovate your business model for 2016 and stay at the forefront of your industry. (Read more)


10 Observations on Disruptive Digital Transformations

How can technological creativity enable business growth and innovation? Amazon’s internal experimentation platform empowers its employees to conduct over 2000 experiments annually, leveraging from global best practice tools and information across industries. Follow Amazon’s lead as one of the top 10 CEX companies for 2015 by keeping ahead of emerging digital technologies. (Read more)


Breakthrough Innovation by Thinking Inside the Box

Innovation is driven by creative thinking, but creative thinking can be stifled in ways that we don’t consider. Leading industry innovators will tell you that attempting to come up with ideas without clear boundaries can overwhelm you with options and halt your overall progress. Being able to fixate on the key needs and goals of your business can provide your creative team the structure and discipline they need to create truly innovative and relevant ideas to launch your business into 2016. (Read more)

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