The Engagement Breakdown Prevention Kit

  When client and consultant are in perfect harmony, the result is almost always an overwhelming success. Engagement profitability is usually higher, and costs are generally lower. Work is delivered quickly, with little to no trouble at all.  Another reference … Read More

Don’t Miss Out on these 5 Perks of Online Insurance

  Being “always on” is one of the realities in a modern work environment. This is especially true for many independent project professionals and management consultants. Walking into new clients with new cultures in the norm.  Once you start the … Read More

“It could never happen to me” – Project People not aware of the risk of a client claim

One of the important findings during the Sherpa Insurance focus interviews1 with independent Project People on the question of being sued by their client was: “it could never happen to me”.   In fact all respondees believed there was little … Read More