At last, business insurance designed specifically for the needs of contracting management consultants and project professionals

Sherpa Insurance takes the hassle out of business insurance. We provide reliable, straightforward and extremely cost-effective professional indemnity and public liability insurance exclusively to project professionals and  management consultants. With full online application and payment, instant cover and easy renewal, we ensure the process is smooth and seamless so you can get on with the job.


Best Price

We only insure professionals such as yourself. By not lumping you together with other riskier occupations, we’re able to pxt=”Cover Duriest possible premiums so you don’t pay for the risk of others.

Simple Application

No written forms to complete, no wasted time doing the back and forth with your old insurer. The application can be completed in minutes. Renewals are just as simple. So say goodbye to re-entering the same information.

Instant Cover

Start work tomorrow but need proof of insurances? No worries. Once your application and payment is complete, we’ll send all the necessary documentation to your e-mail so you can begin work immediately.

Pay Online

Our 100% online insurance portal means you can get the insurance you need in just a matter of minutes on your computer, phone or tablet.


Sherpa is underwritten by Guild Insurance, one of Australia’s established and most reputable insurers since 1963.

Cover During Break

Our rates are discounted when your policy expires and you’re between contracts. So you can have the peace-of-mind of non-stop cover without paying full premiums.

This is what our client say

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