The Scary Truth about Professional Indemnity Insurance Claims

A review of Australian Law Reports has struggled to find recent cases of Professional Indemnity insurance claims involving independent Project Professionals or Management Consultants.  But it’s not to say that claims don’t happen, rather they get closed out before they … Read More

Don’t Miss Out on these 5 Perks of Online Insurance

  Being “always on” is one of the realities in a modern work environment. This is especially true for many independent project professionals and management consultants. Walking into new clients with new cultures in the norm.  Once you start the … Read More

New PI & PL Insurance is Sleek, Sexy and Sociable

  Traditional insurance can be a little old-fashioned. You probably have this image of piles of documents with loads of questions and frequent meetings with insurance brokers in dreary suits.   It can be really tedious to fill out 10 pages … Read More